The Internet presents some major implications for marketing, hence its important to think about marketing in a different context - that context being e-marketing.

The Internet is user/customer driven which reduces the level of control you will have with your visitors in terms of "broadcasting" your messages. The challenge is for your visitors to "find you" based on keyword and key phrase searches. Once you have their attention - how will you convert your visitors into customers?

On the other hand, the Internet is a vast marketplace filled with diversity and global opportunity and at the same time allows niche customers to come together as a group without borders.

Internet communication is not only about business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) interactions but also allows for business to employee (B2E), business to government (B2G) and - critically customer to customer (C2C).

Website "stickiness" is about engaging and keeping visitors for longer and encouraging repeat visits. Fresh, accurate and timely content is a cornerstone of successful "sticky" websites.

Consideration should be given to the consumer behaviour cycles in marketing. Which of the components, in the consumer decision process, (problem recognition, information search, evaluation and selection, purchase and post purchase activities), can you successfully translate from your offline business to your website?

We can assist you with translating your e-marketing plans into website functionality and e-business capability with robust, easy to manage e-commerce solutions.

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