Welcome to Webmechanics
The Search Engine Optimisation Specialists!
Our distinctive capability is search engine optimisation. To achieve this, the website design, useability and your online offline marketing strategy are critical.

Known for fixing previously developed websites so they are search engine friendly, we work together with our clients to ensure they get the best from their online presence.

We also regularly work with other web design studios and web graphic artists providing SEO solutions.

SEO is a capability that encompasses website design, content, following your customer's purchasing process as well as useability and the technology your website is built in.

We have had many success stories with our customers. View our websites to find out more. The results speak for themselves. We do not manipulate search engine results or massage the data they produce. You see your own reports live from your own server and search engine programs.

We believe our customers should take the journey with us to get the most from their website and on this basis we provide you with full access to your website server, data reports, search engine traffic reports and a handover document at then end of our work, so you only stay with us because you want to - not because you have to.

We do not charge a monthly fee for your SEO as many companies do. We charge you a one-time fee to optimise your website and then let it run. Your search engine registrations and Adwords account belongs to you - not us.

We provide 12 months support with every new build or rebuild to ensure you are able to manage your internet advertising effectively.